Cannabric, created by the German architect Monika Brümmer, is engaged in projects of ecological and bioclimatic architecture, restoration of historic buildings and rehabilitation of traditional cave dwellings.

In continuation of her project of final career (University of Arts, HdK Berlin 1995 /1996, now called UdK), which was treating of the construction with materials, based on hemp, Monika Brümmer invented the building block Cannabric, which she manufactures in her facilities in Spain since 1999. Recently she helps to develop projects with this technology in other parts of the world. This block is used in load-bearing monolayer walls of high thermal, acoustic and bioclimatic comfort and its production leaves a negative carbon footprint. With walls of small thickness Cannabric is trying to achieve a similar thermal performance than the cave dwellings of Granada province do, and is designed for buildings of low or cero energy need.

Apart from practice, promotion and investigation in hempbuilding, Cannabric supplies a wide a range of carefully selected ecologic and historic materials, suitable for green-building, rehabilitation and restoration, which also have been approved in own applications.

Monika Brümmer also does consulting, workshops and presentations related to these technologies, so far in Spain, as well as in various European countries as in Africa and in South and Middle America. In 2011 IHBA places the second International hempbuilding congress in Granada and Cannabric´s facilities.

Before dominating denatured materials in our environment, such as reinforced concrete, synthetic insulators and chemical varnishes etc., there were impressive examples of building with nature and we need to re-discover these techniques and reinterpret them towards a contemporary eco-architecture with the traditional background, opening new horizons with current technologies that are compatible with a healthy , habitable and environmental friendly housing.
The photos on this web site, taken mainly by Silvester Wessels (except very few in 'projects clients'), invite you to enjoy green-building and start your project with our help.